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A very cool company

But under the NDA, we cannot disclose its name.


Goals and challenges

Before starting work, we identified the client's needs


Increase the number of followers on Facebook

When we started working with a heavy equipment company, we identified a need to increase the number of followers on their Facebook page. Our team developed effective advertising strategies that resulted in an increase of 65,000 followers.

CRM connection

The need for a website analytics system

We understood that an analytics system was needed on the company’s website to effectively track and analyse user actions. We set up an advanced analytics system that provides the company with important data for strategic decision-making.

SMM instagram

The need for active communication with subscribers

We took into account the need for active communication with the company’s audience and developed a strategy for interacting with subscribers on social media and the website. This need arose out of our desire to maintain and support customer loyalty.

Contextual advertising services

The need to fill the site with interesting content

We identified the need to create engaging and informative content for the company’s website. Our team developed a strategy for creating and publishing content to help attract and retain the audience on the website.

CRM connection services

The need to implement a CRM system

We understood that the company needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system to improve customer service and support. We successfully implemented a CRM system that helps store important data and improves communication with customers.


of cooperation

Thanks to our joint efforts, we managed to achieve significant results

Advertising campaigns in Facebook Ads

We effectively set up an advertising campaign, and with the help of this, we brought 65,000 followers to our client's Facebook from scratch :)

Connecting broad analytics systems

We identified the need for analytics on the client's website. Thanks to this, we were able to identify the number of visitors to the site and the average time the client interacted with the content.

Created high-quality content

At the beginning of our cooperation, we started filling up our Instagram and Facebook feeds, which began to work out well. We created both photo content and graphics and video editing.

Website administration

We fill the site with content, take into account all the client's wishes, and add heavy equipment and its characteristics to the page.

Communication with subscribers

During the entire period of our cooperation (~1.5 years), we have been constantly communicating with our client's subscribers and always responding to their requests in a timely manner.

Setting up CRM systems

We set up a CRM system for the company, conducted training for the entire team, and integrated all the necessary modules

Areas of work

What exactly did we do?

Here we have covered everything we have done.

Primary communication
Google Ads

Creation and Administration of a Famous Facebook Page for a company

Our team of social media experts created and managed the official Facebook pages for a company. Our strategies helped the company to attract more than 65 thousand followers and gain recognition around the world.

Content and publication strategy

We developed a content strategy that reflected the value and innovation of the company’s products. Our publications ranged from fascinating videos about the production process to informational posts about the company’s new achievements.

Interaction with the audience

We actively interacted with our audience, responding to comments and questions, inviting them to take part in polls and surveys. This helped to create a community of supporters of the company.

Creating viral content

We actively created viral content that was discussed and shared on other social networks. This helped to spread awareness of the company’s brand beyond Facebook and attract new fans.

Optimisation of advertising campaigns

We ran regular advertising campaigns aimed at expanding the audience and increasing engagement with the content. We used fine-tuned advertising to maximise effectiveness and attract new subscribers.

Our work in social media helped the company become known and popular all over the world.

Creating Impressive Content for the Brand of the company

Our creative team created engaging and impressive content for the brand of a company that must company. Our strategies helped to create a unique brand image and engage the audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Creating a great graphic design

We developed striking graphic elements for the brand, including logos, banners, illustrations and infographics. Our designs reflected the unique style and values of the company that must company.

Creating Engaging Videos

We developed great videos that told the story of the brand and its products. Our videos were colourful, dynamic and engaging, capturing the attention of the audience.

Creating Creative Text Content

We developed creative text content that included interesting articles, customer success stories, and interesting facts about the products. Our texts were prepared with the audience in mind and helped build a positive brand perception.

Creation of interactive content campaigns

We developed interactive content campaigns, including voting and prize draws. These campaigns stimulated audience interaction and increased their interest in the brand.

Our creative solutions helped the company to highlight its unique style and gain customer loyalty.

Implementation of a CRM system for a company

Our team specialises in implementing a CRM system for a company. CRM helps to improve customer interaction, optimise processes and increase productivity.

Analysis of the company’s needs and requirements

Our experts conducted a detailed analysis of the needs and requirements of the company to create a specialised CRM system. We identified key features and capabilities that would help optimise the company’s operations.


Selecting and configuring CRM software

We have selected and configured CRM software that meets the needs of the company. Our experts integrated the system with the company’s existing processes and database.

Staff training and support

We trained the staff of the company on how to use the CRM system. Our team provided support and advice during the implementation, which helped the staff to quickly master the new system.

Automation of processes and increased productivity

CRM has allowed the company to automate many routine processes, which leads to increased productivity and faster customer service.

The implementation of a CRM system helped the company to improve customer interaction, optimise business processes and increase productivity.

Connecting an Analytics System for a company.

Our team specialises in connecting an analytics system for a company. The analytics system allows the company to collect and analyse important data, which helps to make informed decisions and improve business processes.

Analysing the company’s needs

We have carefully analysed the needs and objectives of the company regarding the analytics system. We identified key metrics and parameters that are important to the company.


Selecting and Configuring an Analytics System

We selected a suitable analytics system and configured it to meet the company’s needs. This included configuring the system to collect data from various sources, such as the website, social media, and others.

Report creation and data analysis

We developed reports and data analyses that provided the company with important information about its products, audience, and the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. This information helped the company make informed decisions.

Implementation of analytical tasks and monitoring

We implemented analytical tasks and monitoring that allowed us to automatically track and report on important metrics. This helped the company to stay up-to-date.

The connection of the analytics system helped the company to effectively track and analyse important data to make informed decisions.

Initial Communication with Clients for the company

Our team conducts primary communication with clients for the company. We help to create a positive impression and interaction with potential customers of the company.

Specialised Communication Approach

We develop an individual approach to communication with potential customers, taking into account their needs and expectations. Our team creates personalised messages and offers.


Communication through different channels

We use various communication channels – email, social media, online chats – to reach our customers where they are most active and comfortable.

Answers to Questions and Inquiries

Our team promptly responds to questions and requests from potential customers. We provide information about products, services and terms of cooperation, helping customers make informed decisions.

Support during the First Purchase

We provide support during the first communication, helping customers choose the products or services that best meet their needs.

Increase Conversion and Customer Satisfaction

Our work is aimed at increasing conversion and customer satisfaction. We help the company create a positive impression and relationship with its audience.

Our primary communication strategies help to create a positive image and attract potential customers of the company.

Promotion of a company using MaxPerformance Google Ads campaigns

Our team promotes the company with the help of highly effective MaxPerformance campaigns in Google Ads. We help to increase brand visibility and attract the target audience.

Thorough Keyword Analysis

We conduct a thorough keyword analysis to determine the best keywords for the company. This helps us maximise the results of our campaigns.


Creating Effective Ads

Our creative copywriters and designers create effective adverts for Google Ads campaigns. We take into account brand specifics and approach each campaign individually.

Setting up Precise Audience Markers

We use precise audience markers to reach the target audience of the company. This helps to minimise budget wastage and attract interested customers.

Campaign Monitoring and Optimisation

We constantly monitor and optimise campaigns to achieve the best results. We take into account analytics and respond to changes in demand and audience behaviour.


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