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Contextual advertising

We are your reliable partners in the world of digital marketing, helping you achieve maximum results in the virtual space.

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Online stores🛒
Small business💵
Offline business🏪
IT specialists💻
Consulting 💼
Digital specialists 🤖
Restaurants and cafe🍽️
Medium-sized businesses💰
Massage therapists💆
Big business 🏢
Online stores🛒
Small business💵
Offline business🏪
IT specialists💻
Consulting 💼
Digital specialists 🤖
Restaurants and cafe🍽️
Medium-sized businesses💰
Massage therapists💆




We have a lot of advantages

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Expertise and experience

Our team with experience in marketing, development and design will help your business grow.

Contract labour

We pay taxes in good faith and support the Armed Forces, so we work only officially

Report on every step

We provide reporting and justification for every step we take

Focus on results

We define KPIs (key performance indicators) and achieve them

At no additional cost

We have no hidden costs or unreasonable cost overruns.

Continuous support

We do not leave you after the project is completed and offer ongoing support.


Increase sales with the help of contextual advertising

Increase sales with the help of contextual advertising

Setting up contextual advertising

Selection and analysis of keywords

We will conduct in-depth research of your market, study the specifics of your niche and analyse the behaviour of your target audience. This will allow us to identify the keywords that are most relevant to your business.

We understand the importance of choosing the right keywords for your contextual advertising.

We will take into account your competitive situation, search statistics, and the needs of your target audience to select keywords that will attract maximum attention and ensure high conversion rates.

Setting up banner ads

Creating selling ads

We develop attractive and compelling text ads that grab the attention of your target audience.

We also pay attention to the visual appeal of your ads, using creative elements and strategic placement of graphic elements to maximise your message.

We constantly test and optimise your ads to achieve the best results and conversions. With us, you will receive ads that attract attention and encourage action, ensuring the professionalism and high efficiency of our work.

Contextual advertising services

Set up advertising campaigns

Setting up advertising campaigns is an important part of successful contextual advertising. Our team of experts creates and sets up advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads or Microsoft Ads.

We thoroughly analyse your target audience and use geographic, interest and other targeting parameters to achieve maximum relevance.

Our team also ensures that your ad campaigns are optimised to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your advertising spend.

PPC services

Manage and optimise campaigns

Campaign management and optimisation is an important part of successful contextual advertising.

We ensure effective management of your advertising campaigns by analysing performance data and optimising them to achieve maximum results.

We use the best practices and strategies, take into account your business goals and monitor metrics to ensure efficient allocation of your advertising budget and maximum conversion.

With us, you get professional guidance and campaign optimisation to achieve the best results in your advertising efforts.

Connecting analytics systems

Reporting and analytics

We provide detailed reporting on the performance of advertising campaigns by analysing key metrics and indicators.

Our experts use analytical tools to collect and process data to understand the effectiveness of advertising and develop strategies for further improvement.

We provide reports on traffic, conversions, ROI, and other key metrics that help you evaluate the results of your advertising activities.

These reports give you a clear picture of performance and help you identify opportunities to optimise and improve your strategies.

We work with you to understand your business goals and reporting requirements, providing insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions.

PPC settings

Support and advice

We offer professional support and advice at every stage of your advertising campaign.

Our team of experts is ready to help you with all issues related to contextual advertising. We use an individual approach to each client, understanding their unique needs and business goals.

We will help you choose the best advertising platforms and channels, develop an effective advertising strategy, and offer professional advice on setting up and optimising your campaigns.

Our experts are available for consultations and clarifications on any aspect of contextual advertising. You can get a professional answer to your questions.

We are committed to your success and are ready to support you at every step of your advertising journey.

Our team will be happy to provide you with the necessary support and advice to achieve the best results in digital marketing.


We've drawn up
a detailed plan

Stages 👉

Discussing your needs

Our team will hold a detailed consultation with you to understand your needs and marketing goals. We will listen to you and take into account your personal requirements to create an advertising strategy that meets your needs.

Conclusion of the contract

After discussing all the details, we will sign a contract that clearly defines the scope of work, terms and conditions of cooperation. This allows us to ensure transparency and mutual understanding with you.

Market and target audience research

We will thoroughly study your market and target audience, analyse your competitors and gather valuable insights. This will help us develop an advertising strategy that will maximise the attention of your target audience.

Setting up and optimising advertising campaigns

We'll set up your campaigns based on your strategy, select the best placement channels and use effective keywords. We constantly optimise campaigns to achieve the best results.

Generating sales

Our goal is to achieve high sales figures for you. Through monitoring and analytics, we monitor the results of advertising campaigns and take steps to improve them. Our team is committed to delivering real results and growth for your business.

Frequently asked questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions from our clients and answered them here!

How can you help me with contextual advertising?
Our digital studio provides a full range of contextual advertising services, including keyword research, creating effective ads, setting up campaigns, analytics and optimising advertising campaigns. We work together with you to achieve your marketing goals.
How do you measure the effectiveness of my advertising campaign?
We use various metrics, such as conversions, clicks, spend, and more, to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. We also provide regular reports and analyses so that you can see how your campaigns are impacting your business.
How long does it usually take to set up contextual advertising and when will I see the first results?
Setup time and first results may vary depending on the amount of work and competition in your market. Typically, campaign setup can take anywhere from a few days to a week, and the first results can be seen in a week.
What is the cost of setting up and maintaining contextual advertising?
The cost of our services depends on the scope of work and other factors. We develop individual plans and proposals for each client, taking into account their budgetary possibilities and goals. We are always ready to discuss this with you during a free consultation.
What is contextual advertising and how can it help my business?
Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising that is displayed based on keywords and other factors related to the content of a web page or a user's search query. It can help your business attract your target audience, increase sales, and build brand awareness.

Contextual advertising in the Google Ads service (PPC) | Duli.online

Discover the potential of contextual advertising, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, to help you succeed in business with Google Ads. PPC gives you the unique advantage of placing your brand directly in front of customers who are actively searching for what you offer.

Google Ads offers unrivalled reach and powerful targeting tools. By paying only when someone clicks on your ad, you ensure that your marketing budget is directed directly to potential customers who are genuinely interested. Whether you're looking to increase website traffic, boost sales, generate leads, or achieve other business goals, Google Ads is a powerful platform to accelerate growth.

What is PPC and how does it work?

PPC, or pay per click, is a dynamic form of online advertising where you pay for each click on your advert. The undisputed leader in the PPC world is Google Ads, which offers companies a broad platform to reach potential customers. Let's take a look at how it all works:

  • Google Ads Auction: The Heart of PPC Imagine that every Google search is a lightning-fast auction. Advertisers, just like you, bid on keywords - specific words and phrases that potential customers use when they search. It's not a simple "highest bidder wins" scenario. The amount of your bid, combined with the quality and relevance of your ad (known as the quality score), determines the position of your ad in the search results.

  • Keyword research: The foundation of your campaign Choosing the right keywords is crucial for PPC success. In-depth keyword research will help you understand:

  • The role of bids: Setting the price Your bid tells Google the maximum price you are willing to pay for a click on your ad. Of course, higher bids often improve your ad's visibility. However, it is important to find a balance between cost and potential return. Google Ads rewards relevant, high-quality ads, so a lower bid can get you to the top if your ad really resonates with searchers.

  • Beyond the auction: Quality Score Matters Google wants search results to be useful to users. Factors that affect your quality score include:

    • Expected click-through rate (CTR): Google's predictions about how often your ad will be clicked on.

    • Quality and usefulness of the landing page: The quality and usefulness of the page that the user gets to after clicking on your ad.

Understanding these key PPC concepts will help you create highly effective Google Ads campaigns. By mastering the interplay of keywords, bids, and quality, you can strategically connect your business with the right audience at the right time.

Advantages of contextual advertising in Google Ads

Display advertising on Google Ads offers businesses a number of advantages over traditional advertising methods. Let's dive deeper into why PPC can change your marketing strategy:

  • Highly targeted advertising: The essence of PPC lies in its ability to reach people who are actively looking for what you offer. By focusing on specific keywords, you place your ads directly in front of an audience that has already shown interest in your industry, products or services.

  • Google Ads provides robust analytics and reporting tools. You will receive detailed information about:

    • Impressions (how often your ad is shown)
    • Clicks (how many times people interact with your ad)
    • Conversions (desired actions, such as purchases, form submissions, etc.)
    • Cost per click (CPC) and total campaign spend This detailed data allows you to track performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your campaigns.
  • With a focus on measurable results, calculating ROI becomes easier. By tracking conversions and associated revenue versus ad spend, you get a clear understanding of whether your campaigns are delivering a positive return on your investment.

  • Speed and flexibility: Unlike traditional advertising, PPC campaigns can be launched quickly and adjusted in real time. This allows you to quickly respond to market trends, test different strategies, and optimise for maximum effectiveness.

  • Google Ads gives you a high level of control over your spending. You set daily budgets and maximum bids, ensuring that your PPC spend is always in line with your overall marketing goals.

The combination of targeting, measurability, and ROI potential makes Google Display Advertising a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're looking to increase website traffic, build brand awareness, generate leads, or directly increase sales, display advertising can open up significant opportunities for growth.

How to succeed in Google Ads contextual advertising

Knowing the mechanics of PPC is one thing, but achieving real success depends on strategic execution. Here are key tips to help you maximise the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns:

  • Campaign structure matters: Organise your campaigns by topic or product category. This ensures that your ads are clearly targeted to specific search queries. For example, you can have separate campaigns for "women's running shoes" and "men's hiking boots".

  • Compelling ad copywriting: Your advert is your first impression - make it memorable! Include:

    • Strong headlines that grab attention
    • Clear benefits and value propositions
    • A compelling call to action (e.g. "Buy now", "Learn more")
  • Optimise your landing page: When someone clicks on your advert, the landing page should provide a seamless transition to it. Make sure that your landing page:

    • Coincides with the promises of your advert
    • Easy to navigate
    • Has clear calls to action
    • Fast loading (especially on mobile devices)
  • Go beyond the basic keywords: Use different types of keyword match (broad, phrase, exact) to control when your ads are triggered. Also use negative keywords to prevent your ads from being shown for irrelevant queries.

  • PPC is an iterative process. Make it a habit:

    • Testing different ad variants
    • Analysing your campaign data
    • Refine keywords, bids and targeting to achieve the best results

Success with Google Ads requires constant learning, testing, and refining your approach. By applying these tips and constantly monitoring your campaigns, you'll set yourself up for long-term PPC success.


Google Ads offers businesses a powerful tool for achieving a wide range of marketing goals. From laser-focused targeting to measurability and potential ROI, PPC has revolutionised online advertising.

While the basics of contextual display advertising may seem simple, mastering the nuances of setting up, optimising and managing campaigns requires skill and experience. Ready to unlock the full potential of Google Ads for your business? Contact duli.online specialists today! We will develop an individual PPC strategy to achieve exceptional results and accelerate your growth.

You can also order additional services, we do a lot of things, for example: creating landing pages and setting up targeted advertising!

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