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Fashion Dance

Міжнародний бренд одягу для танців, що робить одяг для танцюристів, які цінують якість і свободу у рухах


Goals and challenges

Before starting work, we identified the client's needs

CRM connection

Website development

We identified the need to create a website that would be intuitive for visitors and reflect the rich range of Fashion Dance products. This need arose in order to increase sales and create a convenient online platform for customers.

analytic services

Google Shopping campaigns

We identified the need to develop and optimise advertising campaigns on the Google Shopping platform for Fashion Dance. This need arose in order to attract more target audience and increase sales through this channel.

targeted advertising

Targeted advertising

We identified the need to develop and launch advertising campaigns on Meta platforms for Fashion Dance. This need arose in order to create an effective tool for attracting customer attention and increasing sales turnover.

Digital services creation

Setting up integrations of different services

We identified the need to create an integration between the Fashion Dance website and services such as Baselinker. This need arose in order to automate the processes of managing inventory, orders and other operations for more efficient business management.


of cooperation

Thanks to our joint efforts, we managed to achieve significant results

Розробили ефективний сайт

This allowed customers to easily find the products, providing the brand with a platform for sales.

Google Shopping has launched

Our customisation led to a 40% increase in sales of dance products.

We launched targeting

This made it possible to attract new customers and increase brand awareness by 35%.

We integrated Baselinker

This ensured the automation of inventory and order management, improving the efficiency of business processes.

Created attractive creatives

This helped to increase conversion and attract the target audience to the brand's pages

We edited interesting videos

These attracted the attention of the audience and increased interest in the company's products.


Areas of work and indicators

To achieve our goals, we have completed a whole list of work

Website development
Google Shopping
Creating banners
Video editing

Website development for Fashion Dance

At Fashion Dance, we design a website that reflects the personality and products of the company in the field of dancewear.

Modern and Aesthetic Design

We create a modern and aesthetic website design that reflects the style and atmosphere of Fashion Dance. Each element of the website is chosen with the company’s requirements in mind.


Convenient Navigation

We make every effort to provide easy navigation for our website users. Visitors will be able to easily find and browse Fashion Dance products and services.

Interactivity and Mobile Compatibility

Our developers add interactive features and ensure mobile compatibility of the site so that users can conveniently browse pages from different devices.

E-commerce integration

We help Fashion Dance integrate e-commerce into their website so that customers can easily make purchases online.

Support and maintenance

We not only develop the website, but also provide support and maintenance to ensure stable operation and content updates.

Links to the Fashion Dance website

To view our work and learn more about the Fashion Dance website, you can follow the link below:

Link to the Fashion Dance website

We are ready to create an attractive and functional website for Fashion Dance that will help them to drive their business and customer experience.

Targeting for Fashion Dance

At Fashion Dance, we develop targeting strategies aimed at attracting the target audience and increasing brand awareness in the dancewear industry.

Defining the Target Audience

We help Fashion Dance identify its target audience by carefully analysing its characteristics, interests and behaviour.


Developing personalised campaigns

Our marketers create personalised campaigns that take into account the individuality of each segment of the target audience. We strive to provide advertising that best meets the needs of our clients.

Use of social media

We implement targeting strategies on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This allows Fashion Dance to reach its target audience and advertise its products.

Optimisation of Advertising Campaigns

We constantly monitor and optimise advertising campaigns, analysing their effectiveness and responding to changes in demand and audience behaviour.

Analytics and Results Tracking

We provide analytics and results tracking so that Fashion Dance can evaluate the effectiveness of its targeted campaigns and make appropriate adjustments.

Connecting Google Shopping for Fashion Dance

At Fashion Dance, we help to connect Google Shopping so that the company can sell their dancewear via Google and attract new customers.

Creating a product catalogue

We help Fashion Dance create a product catalogue that includes information about their products, including images, prices, and descriptions.

Integration with Google Merchant Centre

We set up integration with Google Merchant Center, where the product catalogue is uploaded for further publication on Google Shopping.

Creation of Advertising Campaigns

Our marketers develop advertising campaigns on Google Shopping, where Fashion Dance products are displayed in Google search results.

Targeted Advertising and Budgeting

We create targeted advertising campaigns and budgets that take into account the target audience and the competitive environment.

Monitoring and Optimisation

We continuously monitor and optimise your Google Shopping campaigns, analysing the results and making adjustments to achieve the best possible results.

Корпоративний інформативний ресурс

Baselinker connection for Fashion Dance

At Fashion Dance, we provide a connection to Baselinker that allows you to manage your inventory and optimise your product and order management.

Integration with Online Marketplaces

We help to integrate Baselinker with various online marketplaces where Fashion Dance products are available. This allows you to automate inventory and order management processes.

Data and Inventory Synchronisation

We set up data and inventory synchronisation so that Fashion Dance always has up-to-date information on product availability and orders.

Order Management

Baselinker allows you to effectively manage orders and track their status in real time.

Process Optimisation

We provide training and consultancy in the use of Baselinker so that Fashion Dance can optimise its inventory and order management processes.

Creation of advertising banners for Fashion Dance

At Fashion Dance, we create advertising banners that attract attention and promote their products in the field of dancewear.

Creative Design

Our design team develops creative and attractive advertising banners for Fashion Dance. We take into account the brand’s style and try to stand out from the crowd.


Various formats and sizes

We create banner ads in a variety of formats and sizes to meet the needs and requirements of different advertising platforms.

Targeted Advertising

We help Fashion Dance create targeted ads that take into account the target audience and their interests.

Testing and Optimisation

We test banner ads and analyse their effectiveness. Based on the results, we optimise campaigns to achieve the best results.

Subtitle: Video editing for an advert at Fashion Dance

At Fashion Dance, we edit videos for advertisements promoting their dancewear. Our creative team ensures that the video content is eye-catching and drives sales.

Creating Impressive Videos

We develop impressive videos for Fashion Dance that showcase their products in the best possible light. Our videos reflect the beauty and quality of dancewear.

Editing and Post Production

Our professional editors and post-production specialists work on each video with the Fashion Dance style in mind. We carefully process and cut footage, add music and special effects to create the best visual content.

Promotion via media platforms

We help Fashion Dance to promote their videos through media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and others. We set up marketing campaigns to attract the target audience.

Monitoring and Analytics

We monitor and analyse the results of video advertising to assess its effectiveness. This helps Fashion Dance improve strategies and achieve better results.


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