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Polikarpov Law Firm

Leading intellectual property law firm with Ukrainian roots


Goals and challenges

Before starting work, we identified the client's needs

Setting up contextual advertising

Improve conversion rates on landing pages

We identified the need to create landing pages that not only attract visitors, but also effectively convert them into valuable clients. This need arose when Polikarpov Law Firm expressed a desire to increase conversion rates and ensure more success in their marketing efforts.

Setting up banner ads

Increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

We identified the need to improve advertising campaigns, which arose from Polikarpov Law Firm’s desire to attract more new clients. Our team understood this need and developed effective advertising strategies to achieve this goal.

Search engine optimisation

Creating a content strategy for traffic

Our experts identified the need to develop a comprehensive content strategy for Polikarpov Law Firm, aimed at increasing traffic through social media. This need arose when the company expressed a desire to draw more attention to its content and increase audience interest.

Connecting analytics systems

Setting up analytics systems

We identified the need to install advanced analytics systems for Polikarpov Law Firm in order to accurately track and analyse user behaviour on the website. This need arose from the company’s desire to better understand its audience and interact with it effectively.


of cooperation

Thanks to our joint efforts, we managed to achieve significant results

Landing pages with a conversion rate of more than 6%

We have created a number of landing pages that generate applications every day and have a very high conversion rate

Advertising campaigns in Google Ads

Our tweaks led to a 40% increase in conversion.

Created high-quality content

We developed a content plan for social media that increased traffic by 60%.

Connecting broad analytics systems

We have set up the latest analytics systems to effectively track user behaviour

Speeding up a corporate website

We changed the site settings and it led to a 50% improvement in site performance

Implementation of effective IT solutions

We have developed and implemented IT solutions for the company, such as a service calculator, SIP telephony, CRM system


What exactly did we do?

Here we highlight what we have done.

Landing pages
Google Ads advertising
Speeding up the site
Integration of Chat-GPT into the company's services

Спілкування з клієнтом

Implementation of efficient telephony

For Polikarpov Law Firm, we have installed a very efficient telephony system, which has become a key tool for improving communication and control over processes in their business. This system not only provides the ability to make outgoing and incoming calls, it also allows for a detailed analysis of all interactions between managers and clients, thus ensuring a high level of control and quality of customer service.

Ability to record calls

One of the main advantages of this system is the ability to record all incoming and outgoing calls, which creates the basis for further analysis and improvement of communication processes.

Call monitoring and staff training

Through call monitoring, we can train our staff and evaluate the level of customer service, which allows us to make further improvements.

Ensuring the quality of service

The system also helps to ensure the quality of customer service by analysing communication and providing recommendations for optimising customer experience.

Integration with CRM systems

One of the key capabilities of this system is integration with a CRM system, which allows you to automatically maintain customer records and call history, making it easier to process and communicate with customers.

Improving the efficiency of managers

The system’s user-friendly interface helps to improve the efficiency of managers, which increases their productivity and facilitates interaction with customers.

Staff training and results

Our work included not only the installation of the system, but also staff training and ensuring its optimal operation. The result of this work was a significant improvement in the efficiency and control of communication with clients, which contributed to the increase in the level of service and client satisfaction of Polikarpov Law Firm.

Creating landing pages to increase conversions

Our team focused on the development and implementation of landing pages aimed at increasing conversions for Polikarpov Law Firm. Each landing page was carefully designed with the unique features of the firm’s services and the needs of its clients in mind. We took into account not only the aesthetic aspect, but also focused on user-friendliness and conciseness of the information provided on the landing pages.

Increased average conversion rate

Thanks to our landing pages, the average conversion rate of Polikarpov Law Firm has increased significantly from 2% to an impressive 6.5%. This achievement demonstrates the effectiveness and attractiveness of landing pages for clients who come to the site.


Analysis of results and optimisation

After launching the landing pages, we conducted a thorough analysis of their effectiveness. We monitored metrics such as the number of views, time on page, and conversion activity. Based on this data, we implemented optimisation measures to maximise conversions and ensure the best possible result for Polikarpov Law Firm.

Providing brief instructions and examples

Each landing page was structured to provide short and clear instructions about the firm’s services. We also added examples of successful cases and client testimonials to confirm the effectiveness and reliability of Polikarpov Law Firm’s services.

Links to landing pages

To get acquainted with the implemented landing pages, you can follow the following links:

Landing page 1
Landing page 2
Landing page 3

These landing pages have played a key role in improving the effectiveness of Polikarpov Law Firm’s marketing strategy, ensuring sustainable conversions and customer satisfaction. Our work contributed to the growth of the company’s reputation and success.

Integration of the system with CRM for effective client management

To further improve the service and management of Polikarpov Law Firm’s clients, we integrated the telephony system we developed with a CRM system. This integration proved to be key to automating the process of collecting and analysing client data.

Automatic maintenance of client records and call history

This integration allowed us to automatically keep records of customers and their call history, storing important information in one system. Managers no longer need to manually enter customer data, which saves time and reduces the risk of errors.


Delivering a personalised customer experience

This integration has improved the personalised customer experience. Managers now have access to complete customer information during a call, which allows them to provide better and more personalised service.

Data analysis and recommendations to optimise interaction

The CRM system analyses customer data and provides recommendations on how to optimise customer interaction. This helps to use information more efficiently and create personalised approaches.

Improved service and increased customer satisfaction

This integration has been a key factor in improving customer service and increasing client satisfaction at Polikarpov Law Firm. It reduced the time spent on processing client requests and provided a more efficient and personalised approach.

Integration with CRM has proved to be an important step in improving client interaction and management, providing Polikarpov Law Firm with more tools to

Google Ads campaigns to increase traffic and conversions

Our marketing team took on Google Ads advertising campaigns for Polikarpov Law Firm to increase website traffic and conversions. These campaigns were aimed at making the most efficient use of the advertising budget and achieving maximum results.

Detailed keyword and marketing strategies

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the market and Polikarpov Law Firm’s business to select accurate and relevant keywords for the advertising campaigns. Our marketers have developed marketing strategies aimed at meeting the needs of the target audience and maximising the level of interaction with it.


Audience segmentation and personalised ads

We used audience segmentation to precisely target ads to specific customer groups. In addition, we developed personalised ads that attracted attention and drove traffic to the website.

A/B testing and optimisation of advertising materials

We conducted A/B testing of advertising materials, identifying the most effective ones in terms of conversions. Based on the data obtained, we constantly optimised advertising campaigns to achieve better results.

Monitoring and reporting

We provided constant monitoring of advertising campaigns, measured their effectiveness and prepared reports for Polikarpov Law Firm. This allowed the company to see the concrete results of its investments and adjust its strategies in time according to the audience’s reaction.

Our advertising strategies in Google Ads helped Polikarpov Law Firm attract new clients, increase website traffic, and ensure a steady stream of conversions.

Social media marketing to raise awareness and engage the audience

Our team specialises in social media marketing (SMM) for Polikarpov Law Firm, and we have implemented numerous strategies and approaches to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Developing a content plan and strategy

We developed a content plan and SMM strategy to ensure that content was published systematically and targeted on social media. Our plan took into account a variety of content, from news stories to visuals.


Creating interesting and visually appealing content

We created interesting and visually appealing content that met the interests of the audience and highlighted the services of Polikarpov Law Firm. This included creating graphic designs, videos and infographics.

Engaging and interacting with the audience

We created interaction with the audience, responded to comments and messages, facilitated discussions and engaged participants. We tracked analytics to find out which content was most interesting to the audience.

Advertising campaigns on social media

We also developed and launched social media advertising campaigns aimed at expanding the audience and increasing engagement. We used fine-tuning of ads to achieve maximum impact.

Monitoring and reporting

We conducted ongoing monitoring of SMM campaigns and prepared reports for Polikarpov Law Firm to help them track results and make adjustments to their strategy.

Links to social media

To get acquainted with our activities in social media, you can follow the following links:

Link to Facebook
Link to Instagram

Our SMM work has helped Polikarpov Law Firm increase brand awareness, attract new clients and increase engagement with their audience.

Increasing page load speed to improve user experience

Our web development team specialises in reducing page load times for Polikarpov Law Firm, and we have developed a number of strategies and technical solutions to improve the user experience.

Image and content optimisation

We optimised images and content on the Polikarpov Law Firm website by reducing their size and improving compression. This allowed us to reduce page load times, especially for users with slow internet connections.


Page and resource caching

We used page and resource caching to speed up page loading. This allowed users to access pages from previously saved cached versions instead of downloading them from the server.

CSS and JavaScript minification

We minified CSS and JavaScript code, reducing their size and improving performance. This helped to restore page loading speed and improve the user experience.

Using the Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We used a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute content to servers that are closer to users. This allowed us to reduce page load times for a global audience.

Links to the changes

To learn more about our changes and achievements in reducing page load times, please follow the link below:

Link to changes

Our work is aimed at providing a fast and convenient user experience for Polikarpov Law Firm’s clients by helping to reduce page load times and improve website performance.

Integration of ChatGPT on the website to facilitate the selection of the right classes for trademark registration

We have integrated ChatGPT on the website of a company that helps to choose the right classes for trademark registration to facilitate customer interaction and help them choose the right classes.

Chatbot for customer consultation

We have developed a chatbot that allows clients to ask questions and get advice on choosing classes for trademark registration. This helps clients get the information they need in real time.

Automated answers and recommendations

ChatGPT is able to provide automated answers and recommendations to customers’ questions based on their queries and context. It helps to identify customer needs and suggest appropriate classes for registration.

Link to the ChatGPT chatbot

To use the ChatGPT chatbot and get advice on choosing classes for trademark registration, you can follow the following link:

Link to the ChatGPT chatbot

This integration helps the company’s clients to easily and quickly find the information they need and make a choice of classes for trademark registration.


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