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Creation of a business card websit

We specialise in creating business card websites that not only attract attention, but really sell.

Online stores🛒
Small business💵
Offline business🏪
IT specialists💻
Consulting 💼
Digital specialists 🤖
Restaurants and cafe🍽️
Medium-sized businesses💰
Massage therapists💆
Big business 🏢
Online stores🛒
Small business💵
Offline business🏪
IT specialists💻
Consulting 💼
Digital specialists 🤖
Restaurants and cafe🍽️
Medium-sized businesses💰
Massage therapists💆
Big business 🏢
Online stores🛒
Small business💵
Offline business🏪
IT specialists💻
Consulting 💼
Digital specialists 🤖
Restaurants and cafe🍽️
Medium-sized businesses💰
Massage therapists💆




Here are a few of our advantages👇

Our research shows that you will only read 6 of them and click through to the next one

We offer a flexible approach

Business card sites of different levels of complexity in accordance with the needs and budget of the customer.

We provide a comprehensive service

Development, design, hosting, SEO - everything you need for your online presence.

We have experience with a variety of niches

Creation of business card sites for companies in the service, manufacturing, B2B sector, etc.

We offer transparency and honesty

You get a detailed work plan, reports, and can track progress at all stages.

We train you to work with the site

Provide instruction for administering the site, adding content, tracking statistics.

We guarantee fast and high quality fulfilment

Your website will be launched on time and will be of the highest standard.

What are the benefits?

Why do you need a business card website?

Online presence 24/7

In today’s world where we are used to instant access to information, your own website works around the clock. This allows interested customers to view information about your services, prices, contacts at their convenience, even when your physical office or shop is closed.

Competitive advantage

Although a website is a must-have today, many small and local businesses still don’t have one. A professional business card website can help you stand out from the competition and make a memorable first impression on potential customers. Duli.online will focus on making sure your business card website is not just visually appealing, but also impactful.

Collect valuable applications

A business card site allows you to collect contact details of visitors interested in your services. This can be email addresses or phone numbers that you can use for further marketing. Duli.online will develop a business card site with an integrated lead collection form so that you can expand your customer base.

Basis for advertising campaigns

Without a website, it is almost impossible to run an advert. You can drive customers from your adverts to your business card website, where your company and services will be listed. A business card site is the perfect solution for placing your offers.

Demonstration of your work

If the nature of your services allows you to demonstrate the result visually – a business card site is an ideal place to showcase your work. Potential clients can immediately assess the level of your skills and find evidence of your experience. This is especially important for creative professions: design, photography and the like. But this solution is also suitable for other spheres.


We've developed a detailed plan

Stages of work 👉

Counselling and familiarisation

We start with a detailed discussion of your needs and goals. Together we will define the concept of the future business card site, emphasising the features of your business.


Our designers will develop several layouts or conceptual solutions. You will be able to choose the visual style that best represents your company.

Design and layout

We will create a full-fledged business card site based on the approved concept, Turn the agreed design into a working site.

Content and SEO optimization

By prior arrangement, our copywriters will prepare high-quality informative texts for your website. We will also carry out basic optimisation to make it easy for search engines to find your business card site.

Start-up and support

After thorough testing, we will launch the website by hosting it. You can always count on our support to further develop your web presence.

Here are some examples of our work

We have extensive experience in various business segments

Heavy machinery manufacturing company

Internationally renowned brand of heavy machinery

We built the brand's marketing interaction from scratch

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Law firm

Ukrainian law firm

We increased the number of applications by 500% per month

Read more
A brand of clothing for dancing

International dancewear brand

We developed the company's website and set up all marketing processes

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Cooperation with duli,online is a guarantee of success

What do our customers say about us?

Here you can read reviews of our regular customers, with whom we have been working every day for many months in a row!


Working with this team was really great. They provided us with great help and support in both marketing and website development. We are happy to be working with them!

A mysterious manager with a strict NDA
Owner of a well-known brand of special equipment

Working with this team was pleasant and productive. They provided us with useful advice and support, which helped us to improve our online business. I recommend them as a great partner!

Marina Avdiushchenko
Owner of a clothing brand

Our experience with this studio has been amazing. They really helped us improve our website and our online presence. We are grateful for their professionalism and warm relationship.

Viktor Terpanov
Head of a law firm

Most common questions

We've collected the most frequent questions from our customers and provided the answer here!

What is a business card site

A Website is a simple website that presents a person, company or project in the shortest and most effective way possible. It acts as a virtual business card containing basic but important contact information and a brief description of the services or products offered.

The main characteristics of a business card site:

  • Laconicity: usually consist of 1-5 pages.
  • Focusing on the essentials: contains only the most essential information for potential customers.
  • Simple design: clear, uncluttered and easy to grasp design.
  • Fast Download: optimised for fast downloads on any device.

Who a business card site is suitable for:

  • Freelancers: photographers, designers, translators, copywriters, etc.
  • Small businesses: repair shops, beauty salons, private teachers.
  • Projects and initiatives: charitable, community, or temporary projects.
  • Personal portfolios: to represent skills and abilities, e.g. for artists and craftsmen.

Typical structure of a business card website:

  1. Head page: Company/person, logo (if any), brief description of activities.
  2. About Us: More information about the company, mission, approach to work.
  3. Services/Products: Description and possible pricing.
  4. Portfolio (optional): Examples of work, cases.
  5. Contacts: Phone, email, address, feedback form, map integration, map integration, map integration.

Please note that this site format is not designed for e-commerce and complex online processes.

How a business card site differs from a regular site

A business card website functions as a digital business card. Its purpose is to create a basic online presence by providing contact information and a brief description of your business.

It is small in size, usually consists of 1-5 pages, has a simple design and focuses on the most important information. In terms of functionality, a business card site is static, offering visitors ways to contact you, but without complex interactive elements. Maintenance of such a site is minimal, as changes to it are made infrequently.

A regular website, on the other hand, has a much broader purpose.

It can be dedicated to selling products or services, providing a wealth of information, online customer service, community interaction and the like. The size of a typical website varies from small to huge, and the number of pages can reach hundreds or even thousands.

Content fills various sections: articles, blog, detailed product information, galleries, interactive elements. Functionality is also more complex, as regular sites often include online shops, booking systems, forums, registration forms and other tools for interacting with users. Therefore, such sites need regular maintenance, updating content, adding new features and providing technical support.

Why I need a business card site

Here's a list of good reasons why you should create a business card website:

  • Accessibility and convenience: Unlike printed cards, a website is always with you. A potential customer can simply reach for the phone and get all the information they need at any time. It is easier to distribute - you can pass on links via email, messengers and social media.

  • Professional look: This is an opportunity to demonstrate seriousness of approach to business and quality of services or goods even with minimal budget. A neat website is more credible than just a phone number on a piece of paper.

  • Broadening your reach: A business card website is another channel for finding new customers. It is always available online, regardless of geography or working hours.

  • Detailing information: You can place on the site much more than will fit on a traditional card: a detailed description of services, price, examples of work, reviews, etc.

  • Control over information: If the phone number, email or other details change, you only need to edit the site and all the data will be up to date at once. With printed business cards, this leads to waste and confusion.

  • Audience Analytics and Insight: You can set up visit counters and track user behaviour. This will give an understanding of who is interested in your services, where people are coming from, what pages attract the most attention.

Who especially benefits from a business card site:

  • Freelancers (designers, developers, consultants, copywriters, etc.)
  • Representatives of small businesses (beauty salons, small cafes, private teachers, artisans, etc.)
  • Temporary projects, initiatives, individual activities
  • To create a personalised online portfolio

Even if you have a full-fledged website, a business card site acts as a quick and informative source of key data about you and your business.

What information should you include on a business card site?

Here's a list of key information that should be placed on a business card website:

  • Company name/name: placed in a prominent location, easy to remember.
  • Logo (if any): helps in visual recognition and brand reinforcement.
  • Summary of activities: what do you do? What can you do for your customers?
  • Contact information: phone, email, physical address (if relevant). A feedback form is also a good idea.
  • Social media links: if you maintain professional pages on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Desirable (but very useful) elements:

  • Feedback or short case studies: build your credibility, show the results of your work in practice.
  • Professional photo (if you are self-employed): adds a personal touch, lets clients see who they will be dealing with.
  • Clear call to action: what do you want the visitor to do? ("Call us", "Get a free consultation", "Sign up for the newsletter", etc.)
  • "About Us" or "About Me" section: more information about your company or you as a professional, mission, values.
  • Portfolio: gallery of work or product catalogue with brief descriptions.

A business card site is valued for its compactness and simplicity, so don't overload it with information. Focus on the most important details that will help a potential client understand what you do and how to contact you.

Is it possible to add a feedback form to a business card site?

Absolutely yes! Adding a feedback form to your business card website is not only possible, but highly desirable. Here's why:

  • Customer convenience: the feedback form provides an easy and quick way to contact you. A customer can leave a message at any time of the day or night without leaving your website.
  • Control over the communication process: by setting certain fields in the form (name, email, subject of question), you receive more structured information from site visitors.
  • Ability to collect feedback: A feedback form is a valuable channel to gather feedback from customers to help you improve your services or products.
  • Boosting trust: having a feedback form adds credibility and demonstrates your openness.

Think through exactly what information you want to collect from the customer so that the form is not too long or complicated. Fields such as name, email and a message field are usually sufficient.

By adding such a form, you will increase convenience for visitors and get an effective communication channel with potential customers.

Are business card sites optimised for search engine optimization

A business card site in itself has certain limitations in terms of full-fledged search engine optimisation (SEO). Here's why:

  • Limited content: A business card site contains little text, making it difficult to promote organically for a variety of keywords.
  • Structure: Due to the small volume of pages, it is difficult to implement complex hierarchy and linking, which are important aspects of SEO.
  • Competition with full-fledged sites: The main purpose of a business card site - informative. Usually such sites are difficult to compete with branched resources in the same subject, because the latter have much more optimised content.

But, that doesn't mean that a business card site can't be optimised at all. Here are the things you should focus on:

  • Local SEO: If you operate in a specific city or region, local optimisation is critical. Make sure the name of the region and keywords related to the area are present in your site content. Sign up for Google My Business.
  • Niche/low frequency queries: Do not try to promote the site on general keywords with high competition. Focus on more specific ones ("interior designer Kiev", "private maths tutor Odessa", etc.).
  • Technical Optimisation: Site loading speed, correct display on mobile, meta tags, ease of navigation are all basic but important SEO factors.
  • Qualitative external links: Try to get links to your business card site from authoritative resources related to your topic.

You should not expect that a business card site will take the first places in the search for popular queries. However, competent optimisation will increase its visibility and help to attract potential clients who are looking for your services or goods in a particular region.

Is it possible to order an extension of the business card site in the future

Yes, you can develop your business card website in the future. There are several ways here, depending on your needs:

1. Expanding the functionality of the business card site

  • Add new pages: Projects section, portfolio, more detailed "About Us".
  • Blog: Publishing topical articles can attract additional audiences, especially when promoting in search.
  • Integration with simple services: Newsletters, booking system, online consultation, etc.

Note that there are a limited number of optional extras, after which it is easier and more profitable to turn the site into a full-fledged site.

2. transformation into a fully-fledged website

At some point, you may need to significantly expand the capabilities of your site (online shop, services section with price and payment, online courses, etc.). In this case, there are two options:

  • Development of a business card site: Keep the same platform or domain name, but greatly expand the number of pages, add more complex functionality.
  • Migration to a new platform: If the capabilities of the platform on which your business card site is built are limited, you can create a new site on a more powerful CMS (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) and migrate content there.

3. using a business card site as a "digital business card"

Even if you decide to create a large and functional regular website, a business card site will be a useful "app". Its easy link can be added to email signatures, social networks, advertising profiles and the like.

Before ordering the creation of a business card site, discuss with the developers the possibility of expanding it in the future. This will affect the choice of platform and technical solutions for implementation.

Do you need a business card website that works? Duli.online will create it for you!

In the digital age, a business card website is not just a fashion trend, but anecessity for any businessthat strives for development and success. If you want people to know about you, pay attention to your services, and choose you over your competitors, you need an effective online business card that works 24/7.

Duli.online offers services for professional creation of business card websites, combining stylish design, modern technologies and affordable price. We understand that your website is the face of your business in the online space, so we pay attention to every detail to create aunique and effective resourcethat will help you achieve your goals.

Why should you choose Duli.online to create a business card website?

  • Individual design: We do not use templates! Your website will be developed from scratch, taking into account all your wishes and peculiarities of your business. You will get a unique design that will reflect your personality and the values of your company.

  • Adaptive layout: Your website will be displayed correctly on all devices - computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. This will provide maximum convenience for your customers and increase the conversion rate of your website.

  • SEO optimisation: We don't just create beautiful websites, but also make sure that they are found by potential customers. Your site will be optimised for search engines, which will help you to take high positions in Google and other search engines.

  • Convenient management system: You will be able to edit the content on your website, add new pages, photos and videos without any special knowledge and skills.

  • Transparency and affordable prices: We offer flexible and transparent prices for creating business card websites. You will receive a detailed cost estimate before the work begins, and you will not have to overpay for hidden services.

Duli.online - your reliable partner in the world of digital technologies

Order the creation of a business card website at Duli.online today and take a step towards success! We will help you to create a powerful tool for your business development that will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.